Here’s a process I came up with to give to my kids who are required to memorize verses, chapters and sometimes other material (historical speeches) as part of their school curriculum. I use it too, to memorize Scripture.

Using this process, one of our sons memorized Isaiah 53 (not a short or easy passage) in less than 24 hours!
  1. Write. Write the verse on the front of an index card, and the topic, reference, and version on the reverse.
  2. Repeat. Say the verse out loud emphasizing the first word of the verse. "Love the Lord your God …" As you emphasize the word, think about its meaning in the context of the verse. Then say the verse out loud emphasizing the second word. "Love the Lord your God …" Keep doing this until you’ve emphasized each word in the verse, pulling out the shades of meaning each time. Don’t forget to say the topic and reference each time you say the verse.
  3. Recall. In a notebook (like a Life Journal) write the verse including the reference as you say it out loud until you can say it word-perfectly.
  4. Review. Beginning with day/verse two, pull out the index card(s) from the previous days’ work and use them as flash cards to review the verses. If you’re learning a chapter, speech or other contiguous section, review the cards in order. I use a mobile app called Remember Me to automate the review process, and keep my entire verse library with me at all times.